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The last two years have affected us all in so many ways and for many, having spent the best part of two years staring at the same four walls, it’s time to make the move to a new property. If you’re having trouble finding a home, our experts offer their top tips for how to buy a new home.

The housing market will be different across the country but for the most sought-after locations, properties are selling fast – often at a premium – and the potential group of buyers outnumbers the available homes.

Use the right property websites

If you are struggling to find a new home, make sure you are using ALL the property search websites at your disposal. These include:

Not all properties are listed on Rightmove – it’s worth checking alternative options – you may find your dream home elsewhere!

Build a rapport with a local estate agents

Some properties sell before they make it online, so get on well with your local estate agent, and once a week, put a call in to find out if any new properties have been taken on. They may let you undertake an early viewing and they’re the experts at finding you a new home.

Pop in and see them, talk to them, build a rapport and, above all, be nice! Take in a box of doughnuts, for the team – you would be surprised, how a small gesture like this, can leave a lasting memory – you want to be remembered for the right reasons when that perfect property comes on the books!

Be prepared for viewings at short notice

Properties can come and go very quickly, which can be frustrating, so be prepared to undertake viewings at short notice.

 Be flexible, you may have to view in work hours or in the evening – not just weekends to suit you.

Once you have the viewing, make sure you have the following with you, even on the viewing (particularly if you wish to place an offer there and then):

  • Mortgage Agreement In Principle – talk to a whole of market adviser like us, as we can help and prepare one for you, ready to go.
  • ID – Passport or driving licence.
  • Deposit Statement – proof of your deposit will be required so have it ready to go.

In control?

Finding a new home can feel a bit like a game of Cat and Mouse.

You need a house…seller wants the best price…and estate agent’s hold the key.

In reality, you and the seller are in control. If you are a serious buyer, get approved for a mortgage by an independent mortgage adviser, one who has your interests at heart. Don’t wait to get approved by the estate agent’s mortgage adviser as they have their own interests at heart.

Don’t forget, ALL offers have to be put to the seller, but not all do. If you have been declined by the estate agent, why not pop in the seller’s door a handwritten letter stating the following:

  • Your contact details.
  • Your offer price.
  • A copy of your mortgage Agreement In Principle – to confirm you have been approved.
  • Plus your reasons why you love the property, and why you want it as your next home.

You may just get a call from the vendor, or via the instructed estate agent, telling you your offer has been accepted, and they wish to sell to you.

Good luck!

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