Landlords… It’s Time to Explore your BTL Mortgage Options

According to the financial publication, Moneyfacts, the number of buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages has fallen over the last month reducing choice for investors, however, average rates have also dropped, analysis has shown.

“Lenders have removed 78 deals from the market since the start of the July, according to Moneyfacts, leaving 1,660 products on offer.

“But this is an improvement compared to the midst of the pandemic in May when there only 1,455 buy-to-let mortgages available.

“Landlords looking to invest in the BTL sector could see this as an opportune time to explore their options, especially if they think that average rates may continue the upward trajectory we have witnessed over the last two months.”

The full article is available to read here, via the Mortgage Solutions website.

If you’re a landlord and looking to option your buy-to-let mortgage options, contact us and one of mortgage specialists will happily guide you through the process of securing the ideal mortgage product for your circumstances.

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