Protecting those you love when you’re self employed

If you’re in a manual or self employed occupation, not having income protection (IP) in place means your finances could be immediately exposed to the impact of ill health or injury.

IP policies are designed to replace lost income with a regular sum of money. Also referred to as an Income Protection Policy, or an IPP. This type of policy provides security for when you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. You can read more about the types of IP available here.

Now more than ever, it’s important to talk to us about how we can help you protect those you love. Our sources tell us:

  • Sales of IP to some manual occupations fell by almost 60% in 20201
  • 67% of working-age adults are concerned about a loss of income because of injury or illness2
  • Only one in ten self-employed workers has an IP policy3.

We work in partnership with specialist providers who offer a single income protection product that provides first-class cover for a wide range of occupations and includes:

  • A range of waiting periods from one day to 52 weeks
  • A choice of level guaranteed, or age costed premiums
  • Flexible waiting periods for NHS medical professionals and teachers
  • Access to a range of free member benefits, including remote GP appointments, mental health support and physiotherapy.

You matter more

We are committed to providing you with the valuable protection you need no matter what your occupation.

1 – Swiss Re Term and Health Watch 2021
2 – The Exeter “Let’s Talk Insurance” 2021
3 – The Exeter, Ill Prepared 2020, the self-employed financial resilience report

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