Home insurer issues second fire claims related warning in six months

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LV= recently issued a warning to homeowners after a 40% increase in fire claims in the last year caused concern as the colder months begin to creep in.

Remember our hot, hot summer? At the time, the insurance company LV=, issued a warning after an increase in fire and subsidence-related claims caused by record temperatures. In July, the company had claims from homeowners totalling £1.2m because of the extreme heatwave and fire-related incidents.

“Even small checks such as making sure sockets aren’t overloaded with fairy lights will make a difference, as it doesn’t need to be a large item to spark and create a fire.”

Fast forward to December and LV= has issued another fire-related warning because research suggests fire claims had risen by 40% in the last year alone. Their advice is to keep a close eye on anything that might pose a fire hazard, especially electrical appliances, and candles.

According to their figures, fires from candles rose by 1600% within one month from November to December 2021 and accounted for the highest number of candle-related claims in the last five years – up by 70% from December 2020 and 54% from 2019.

But, electrical appliances still make up the majority of fire claims

  • Electrical appliances 23%
  • Cooking accidents 11%
  • Coal or log fire accidents 10%
  • Electrical wiring issues 9%)
  • Candles 7%

They do advise anyone living in a home built before 1992 should really get their wiring checked as this is one of the biggest reasons for house fires.

With the cost of living putting pressure on everyone’s bills, using candles to light rooms may seem like a cheaper alternative. Just remember, candles can cause serious damage and should never be left unattended.

As Martin Milliner, LV= General Insurance claims director, said:

“There are so many hazards out there that will easily start a fire and we want to warn consumers about the risks through the insight and increase in claims we’re seeing.

As the weather gets colder, we’re all going to be looking for alternative ways to heat and run our homes, and it’s about doing this in the safest way possible.”

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