Is it time for a Life Protection Review?

Taking out a life insurance product is a sensible and considerate thing to cover your loved ones should the worst happen. But how often do you need to review this? Once you’ve set this up, it’s job done, right?

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. We would always encourage you to regularly review your policy or you could end up being under insured in the future as key events in your life occur.

Here are five reasons you might need to reconsider your current life insurance policy?

  1. Your income changes for any reason
  2. You move home
  3. If you get married or divorced
  4. If you welcome a/another child into the world
  5. If you take on additional credit/debt

And of course most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a few additional concerns:

  1. Will I still be able to get a policy which covers Covid-19?
  2. Does my current policy fully protect me during Covid-19?

These are questions we are being regularly asked. The good news is that our Protection Specialist, Kevin Bushby, is on hand to answer any of your questions/concerns. Contact us today to arrange a call.

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